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Yoga is the oldest science of life and one of the greatest treasures that the humanity            inherited from the ancient sages of the orient. Although already very popular in the west mostly in its commercial form, the depths of the yogic wisdom seem to be needed now more than ever. With yoga you can learn how to control the stress on physical mental and emotional level.

Regardless of the age, condition or religion this is a universal science that anyone can practice and benefit from it. The practice of yoga begins with the body. Through various yoga poses (asanas) and controlled breathing (pranayama) we learn how to control the prana , and with meditation we transcend all the false identification discovering our immortal Self.

If you are new to yoga on this web site you will find enough yoga theory and yoga program that you can follow in order to start your own yoga adventure.

If you are already practicing yoga this site may help you to deepen your practice and to begin your personal inner Odyssey.

If you are a practitioner who is deeply involved in yoga than you are welcome to share your yogic experiences on the blog page.

If you came to this web page by accident don’t turn your back to it. Yoga can be life changing. See freely around maybe you will make the biggest decision in your life and start your own yoga practice.

However I hope that you will enjoy going through this web site, and that you will find some useful information.

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