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Spiritual healing

8 steps to heal yourself spirituallyPICT1637

If you are going the spiritual conscious path you are probably already aware that you are the sole creator of your reality. You are the cause to all your problems illnesses or unwanted conditions and the first step of your spiritual healing is to take full responsibility for your problems. If sometimes you have the need to blame someone else for your troubles or problems, that means that you are not complete aware of your true nature, and you cannot recognize yourself as the creator of your own experiences.

Your innermost being or your true self the Atman creates all the experiences through decisions. There are no good or bad experiences for the Atman he just creates them because the Atman defines itself through experiences. With each fully encountered experience the Atman changes its decisions and creates a basis for a new experience. So the best way to disengage the negative decisions is to make a clone in your mind of the negative experience, condition or situation. If a problem persist to exist that only means that we are not able to completely face it and that we are rejecting some aspect of it.

1. Define your illness

2. Feel your illness completely (how does it make you feel?)

3. Define the key items of this impression and code it with one word

4. Cloning and amplification the experience

5. Deep breath (during the amplification of the cloned experience when you reach the peak moment start inhaling intensifying this peak moment even further until the end of inhalation. Exhale releasing all tensions in your body. Stay calmed for a few seconds

6. Think of an experience in which you are completely healthy ( you can choose experience from your past or you can create ideal physical health in your mind

7. Feel this condition define the key items and code the experience with the one word.

8. Think of your illness again do you feel emotional charge or you cannot feel anything about it? If the condition is not completely cleaned from emotional charge you may have to repeat this process several times. If the condition requires you should make this treatment a daily practice for some period of time. The process is finished when the feeling from step 6 is completely installed in your being and you feel completely healthy you feel certain that your body will recover usually after this kind of emotional cleansing you have that Aha-moment after which you know that everything will be ok.