Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga of the 8 limbsstockvault-buddha142871

1.Yama(restraints) there are 5 of them

-Ahinsa(non violence)

-Asteya(non stealing)

-Satya (truthfulness)

-Brahmacharya (aspiration towards Brahma)

-Aparigraha (non-possessivness)

2.Niyama (rules or observances) there are also 5 in number

-Shaucha (inward and outward cleanliness)stockvault-green-plastic-bonsai106823

-Santosha (contentment or satisfaction)

-Tapas (observance of religious austerities)

-Swadhaya (constant study of the sacred texts)

-Ishwarapranidhana ( awareness of the divine presence)

3.Asanas (yoga positions)

The asanas are done in combination with concentration of the mind and they restore the energetic field of the body.

4.Pranayama (control of Prana)

Prana is vital energy or force that flows in our bodies. Through various breathing exercises the yogi learns how to control it.

5.Pratyahara withdrawal of the senses from the objects, focus of the mind with no distraction of the senses.

6.Dharana concentration of one object, idea or thought, avoiding all other thoughts.

7.Dhyana meditation

8. Samadhi- wholeness, non-dualistic state of mind.

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