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Altering experience

In this process you define a certain experience, problem or situation from the past more specificallytile floor pieces MGD©

  1.  Locate your experience in space and time. When did it happen and where did it happen?
  2. Relive through your experience as it is happening now
  3. If there are other participants in this experience identify them
  4. Find the most unpleasant moment in this experience
  5. Evaluate your experience with one of these words: perfect, excellent, very good, good, not bad, bad, awful.
  6. Ask your self: What needs to be different in this experience so it would be more pleasant for me?
  7. In your mind apply the change that came into your mind in step 6( usually the most unpleasant moment is the first alteration)
  8. Go trough your new experience now. Evaluate it once more. And ask yourself again: What needs to be different in this experience so it would be even more pleasant for me?

-repeat steps 6, 7 and 8 until you create a perfect experience of the situation.

In this process any change can be made there is absolutely no limit. You can change yourself you can change other people you can change circumstances etc. However you should create an experience that is believable and acceptable to you. We can alter only experiences from past.

Here is an Example of the whole process:sunsetColors


  1. I am in my room 3 years ago. I sit in front of the computer, struggling to learn animation overwhelmed and frustrated.
  2. I am the only participant
  3. Most unpleasant moment: this pressure to learn such a huge industry in a very short time, feeling that I have to give up everything and spend all day and night in front of computer. If I don’t do this I will hate myself
  4. This is awful
  5. The first thing that I want to change is not to feel this pressure to be able to look on the whole process as a child play so I would forget time and the learning would be much easier. Now this experience is not so bad. But if I had patience this experience would be even better. Now go through your experience with these changes re experience this new version in your mind. What else can be altered so this experience would be even better? Well If I had better concentration I would finish sooner and I would be more effective. If I were more effective in the previous week on this day I would have finished project designs that I could sell. This would be really good. Experience now this new version as if it is happening now. What else can be altered to make this experience better? Well If I had these finished models may be today someone would offer me a job in a production. Cause this is a teamwork and there is no better way to learn than in team. May be some one will buy my designed models and offer me a job in their team. Relive these new changes. What else can be altered or is this already the perfect experience? It is almost perfect. I want to finish my project for today and then meet up with my friends for a drink and celebrate. Relive this experience. Is this a perfect experience? Yes this is experience is perfect.


So the altered experience is:

I am sitting in front of my computer doing my animation. I am having so much fun with this that I don’t even feel the time. Last week I finished some projects and I offered them online in several companies. Ooops an e-mail just arrived. Wow I can’t believe that this company paid for my two projects and they are offering me a job in their team. I am almost finished with my project today, after that I am going out with my friends to treat myself for my new job and celebrate. Yuppie!!!