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System of key items of an experience and word coding

Every problem emotional state or condition that we experience, from the most perplexing one to the simplest one is a combination of 4 key items. We are not always aware of all four of them but with the right intention we can reveal them all and recreate any experience in our consciousness.

 Recreating a certain experience is crucial because it leads to confrontation with that experience. Confronting the experience we discharge the emotional charge that was associated with that experience that clenches our attention.


1. Body sensation (itching, tingling, pain, pressure in some part of the body etc.) This item is associated with the earth element. This element has emotional nature but it is denser than a pure emotion and it is correlated with matter.

2. kf161Feeling (emotion is the key part of every experience), we use all the other key items to make the emotion behind the experience clear so we could amplify it in the process of cloning of experience. This element is associated with the element of fire and energy. The nature of this element is expansible mutable unstable and unpredictable.

sky copy3. Thought (every emotion is accompanied with an adequate thought and every thought can be transcribed into emotion). This element has mental nature. It is associated with the element of air and the dimension of space. If you’re intellectual type and have problems to feel your problems or to define what you are feeling, concentrate first on your thought as a key item and see what kind of emotion this thought is evoking.

file85812866709074. Mental image This key item has also mental nature. It is associated with water and the dimension of time. It has mirroring effect reflecting our inner psychological content into objective image. Every experience has a mental image. Very often we are not aware of it. It is ok if we sometimes do not see a clear image of the experience, or we see an empty image. The most important thing is to have the emotion as a key item. But if you have a mental image from an experience and not the other items, than you have to transcribe your mental image into thought and then that thought into emotion. The mental image on its own it is not of big use. WE WORK MOSTLY WITH EMOTIONS!!!

planet35. Word Coding. This is the 5th element of every experience. No matter how much we are aware of an experience, it remains abstruse until we emphasize it with one word. Chose this word carefully it should be based on the emotion and it should express the whole emotional charge of the experience. In some cases when it is not possible to precisely code the experience in one word, you can use 2 words instead but do not use more than two words. Always try to find only one word.