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Deep Breathing

  • You can do this lying down on the floor
  • Sitting in a chair with a straight back
  • Sitting in a meditative yoga asana (siddhasana, padmasana.)
  • Standing on your feet
There are 3 phases:
  1. Abdominal breathing
  2. Chest breathing
  3. Collarbone breathing

1.  Put your palm on your belly on the navel area. Start inhaling relaxing your abdominal muscles and expanding the diaphragm. Use consciously the diaphragm and fill the lower part of your lungs with air.

2. In the next phase keep inhaling expanding your ribcage in every direction. You can put your both hands on the sides of the ribcage to make this conscious. Now your ribcage and middle part of the torso are expanded and the middle portion of the lungs is filled with air.

3. Do not stop there continue inhaling slowly filling the upper part of the lungs with air. At this point the collar bones are lifting upwards.

This is a full yogic inhalation.Standing Focus

Retain the breath for 1 second and then start exhaling slowly, emptying gradually first the upper part bringing the collar bones on the initial position. Continue exhaling relaxing the ribcage and after that the diaphragm. The ribcage and the diaphragm at this point should be relaxed and back to their start position.

This is a complete yogic exhalation.

Do not exceed in force by inhalation and exhalation. Fill the whole lungs with air but do it gently and try to overcome every discomfort with ease.

If you feel any dizziness stop and start breathing normally. Very soon your body will adjust and you won’t have this problem.

Try to do this every morning first 3 complete breaths than 5 than 10 and increase so gradually until 20. Specially do not miss to do this exercise when you are in a mountain or in the nature where there is fresh and pure air. The results and the benefits of this practice will amaze you.

You will feel more calmed, and relaxed. You will have much more energy, concentration and ability to focus, and you will feel much more in control of your self. You can do this exercise also in a special circumstances like when are nervous stressed out or as a preparation of your mind before meditation.