7 levels of experiencing the true self and the reality

The highest purpose of the individual true self or Atman is to experience itself. The atman driven to get knowledge of its own nature takes different roles in different situations experiencing different kinds of experiences and thus plays the game of life. Unaware of its true nature the Atman very often identifies itself with the roles that it is playing, believing falsely that they are its own true nature.

There is hierarchy of 7 levels of experiences, which the atman is striving to undergo. These seven dynamic drives are the cause of every single action of ours, and they can be conscious or unconscious. There are 7 levels of consciousness through which the Atman is trying to define itself. Every our experience is a product of one or more (combined) dynamical drives.

In the yoga science these dynamical urges are classified as chakras (spinning wheels) or energy points. Each higher chakra is associated with a level of consciousness that contains and dominates the level of consciousness of the subordinate chakra. The highest seventh chakra is a point that is correlated with a level of consciousness that contains all level of consciousness of all subordinates chakras and transcends them. The chakras are located along our spine.

MuladharaThe First drive “I am my Body” Muladhara chakra

This chakra is located on the base of the spine. On this level of consciousness the Atman is identified with the physical body and it experiences itself through the physical body. The body is “I” and everything outside of the body is “non-I”. The animal instinct of survival and food are associated with this chakra.

457px-SwadhisthanaThe second drive “I am incomplete and temporary” Svadistana chakra

This chakra is located on the lower part of the spine right behind the genitals. In this chakra the Atman identifies itself as incomplete and it is driven towards union with another being. This chakra is correlated with the sexual instinct and the drive for reproduction as a mean to have an experience of eternity by leaving an offspring behind. In this chakra the Atman defines itself through the family and the emotional partner.

401px-ManipuraThe third drive “I am the many” Manipura chakra

This chakra is located on the spine behind the navel. In this chakra the atman experience itself through a larger group of people like city, nation, religious group etc. On this level the Atman plays different kind of roles and tries through experiences of approval appreciation and acknowledgement from others to define itself and to transcendent the limits of the of the temporary existence. When this chakra is blocked the individual cannot fit in the surroundings is rejected or condemned from the group.

Heart-or-Anahata-4th-ChakraForth drive “we are all one” Anahata chakra

This chakra is located on the spine behind the middle of the chest. With this chakra the Atman identifies itself with the whole humanity. This chakra is associated with the divine love. The average population experiences very little of this consciousness but now considering that we are living in the age of Aquarius this consciousness is being more and more awaken, and the feeling of unity with the rest of the humanity is being stronger and stronger in every individual. A lot of mystical experiences of some saints with universal divine love are correlated with this chakra.

600px-Vishuddhi_blue_svgThe fifth drive “I am in all living beings” Vishuda chakra

This chakra is also called throat chakra and it is located on the neck behind the throat. The Atman experiences itself through all living beings. The consciousness of this chakra is still out of reach for the average men. In the consciousness associated with this chakra the atman sees and recognizes itself in the roles of all living beings. Based on this knowledge the Atman decides which games it is going to play and what experiences it is going to have in this or in the next live. With the level of consciousness of this chakra our Atman or our true self creates our karma or destiny.

ajnaSixth drive “I am the universe” Ajna Chakra

This chakra is located in the center of the head. It is also known under the name third eye. In this chakra the Atman experience itself through the whole universe. All living beings here or on other planets, mineral or non-living things are part of his own nature and the atman sees itself everywhere and in everything. Time and space are transcended and recognized as illusion.

sahasrara_chakraSeventh drive “I am infinity” Sahasrara chakra

This chakra is located on the top of the head. With the awareness of this chakra the Atman experiences itself as an eternal and infinite. After eons and eons after millions of experiences and life games the Atman on this level of consciousness finally transcended all illusions, and experience itself as an infinite existence. The Atman is consciously connected with its own nature and discovers its omnipresence in  millions of other universes.

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