Cloning and Amplification of experience

Cloning of experience is the ability to recreate an experience in our mind. We use the five key items of an experience.handstand

From these five the emotional key item and the code word are the most important one. We concentrate on this experience using the emotion and the word.

Than we try to re-experience or feel the problem or the situation that we are dealing with, even more intensively than it actually is. With this dramatization of the experience we are discharging the emotional load by facing or accepting the situation (or the problem) as it is.

Key moment in cloning experience is to illuminate the decision behind this experience. You create every experience based on decisions that you have consciously or unconsciously made. Only by facing and accepting what is, we can find those decisions, eradicate them and lose problems, negative feelings, beliefs and blocks. We do not resist anything instead we accept every aspect (emotion, belief, thought) regardless how frightening or appalling it is for us. That is the only way to get rid of it and change it into something desirable.

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