How to meditate?

 Meditation is one of the most natural processes. If you are new to meditation don’t worry there is almost no wrong way to do it, but you need however to follow a few simple principles._DSC3975

 1. Position. If you sit in the right position the meditation happens from its own. Choosing the position is one of the most important things. It is essential to have your sine column straight. If you are new to meditation you can use a chair making sure your back is straight. Ideally you can use some of the yogic poses padmasana lotus pose, sidhasana, or just simple Turkish sitting pose with crossed legs and straight back. Lying on the floor is also a position that you can use but try to avoid it cause you can fall a sleep. If you are sitting on the floor you can make your pose comfortable by using meditation cushions or any other cushion for that matter.

2. Breathing with the right sitting pose you prepared your body for meditation and with the breathing you are preparing your mind. So start with calm breathing. If your mind is very active or fixated on an idea that you cannot get rid of than use the bastrika and capalabathi pranajama. After that continue with couple of slow and long breaths and gently slide your attention from the breathing to the object of your meditation.

file00011351217343. Relaxation This is the key part of the meditation. The meditative state is relaxed state of body and mind. It is not possible to meditate if your body is tensed and your mind if you are tensed or your mind fixated on some idea. This stage appears naturally with the breathing. After you do a couple of preparatory bastrika breathings than with prolonged and slow breathing the body and the mind come in a natural state of relaxation which you can make it even deeper by up lighting and relaxing any remains of tension in your body or in your mind.

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