Meditation for accomplishing goals

8 easy steps for accomplishing your goals

1. Define your goal using one sentencefractal

2. Feel your goal with the key items

3. Specification of your goal. List at least 5 attributes that are important to you regarding this goal (If your goal is abstract this is a necessary step)

4. Ask your self “do I feel confident that I will accomplish this goal? “

(If you feel 100 % confident which is almost never the case than you stop at this step. Any other negative feeling of any kind we continue with the following steps)

5. Define that negative feeling with the key items

6. Past experience; to which experience in the past is this feeling related to (it has to be one experience. If two experiences show up in your mind chose the one which is more emotionally charged to work further)

7. Alteration of experience

8. In the peak moment of the alteration ask yourself:

What is the first thing that I will do regarding this goal?

What is the second thing that I will do regarding this goal?

What is the third thing that I will do regarding this goal?

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