Meditation for beginners

  The meditation is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. If you are absolute beginner don’t worry meditation is such a natural thing that it is almost impossible to do it wrong.
pic of lotus pose in nature
“let distractions melt away like clouds disappearing in the sky” Milarepa

♦ Sit in a comfortable position with a straight back. You can use a chair or you can try some of the meditative poses like sidhasaana, padmasana or just simple crossed legs position. To make your position more comfortable you can use cushions. You can sit against a wall that will serve as a support for your back after some time when your back gets tired.

♦ We start every meditation with three complete breathings.

♦ After that completely relaxed try to empty your mind and not think on anything.

♦ Let your thoughts just flow through your mind and do not attach on anything. If something grabs your attention become aware of it and then detach your self again. Do this 5 min every day.

♦ After three or four days start using the top of your head as an object of your meditation. Do not think on anything else just keep your awareness on the top of your head. Do not fight with your thoughts let them flow until they become calm and keeping your awareness on the top of your head. Do this 5 min another 3-4 days.

♦ After this time increase your time to 10 min 3-4 day.

♦ After these 3 days increase your time to 20 min.

♦ After this time you can also start with visualization during your meditation.

♦ You can start with a chakra meditation.

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