Meditation for spiritual enlightenment

With this meditation the purpose is to get a glimpse of your true Self the Atman.

It is a koan meditation using the oldest question in the world as a meditation object


Sit in your meditative position

pic of lord of the dance pose
“the greatest worth is self-mastery”

Take three deep yogic breaths

  1. experience who you are here and now
  2. Unraveling the experience of who you are here and now

♦ Look for the answer not intellectually but with your feelings. Try to experience who do you feel you really are at this very moment.

♦To make this experience clear and conscious search for any or all of these key items: Body sensation (tingling, itching or pressure in some part of the body pain or what ever); feeling (check out your emotion do you feel anything right now), thought (what are you thinking in the moment) mental image (do you see any visual picture in your head)

Take the first key item that you become aware of and then built up your experience starting from there.

For example: if you feel an itching in your body, try to see which emotion follows this sensation maybe a feeling that you don’t want to do this right now. Every feeling is always accompanied with a thought in this case that could be “I do not need to do this maybe I should stop” and this thought always brings adequate mental image for example of you doing something else instead of what are you doing.

In this way you become conscious and aware of your experience.

 3. Word coding (Whole experience expressed in one word) after you have made your experience conscious try to name it and synthesize it in only one word. We chose the word carefully based on our emotions. The whole emotional tension from the experience should be expressed in one word. For example in the previous case the experience was I don’t want to do this you can synthesize your whole experience with the word STOP

(steps 2 and 3 should not be longer than 20-30 seconds)

4. Cloning of the experience. Feel your experience to the fullest. Now that you have replicated the experience in your mind you have to face it by experiencing it completely. Feel intensively the emotions that are behind this experience and think of the word that you have chosen. Reliving the emotions is the most important part. The code word should help you intensify your feelings and concentrate on them. Your whole experience is packed into this one word. Allow your self to feel this experience without any kind of judgment. Following our example at this point you should consciously feel that you are doing something that you don’t feel like doing. Feel this feeling intensively even amplify it. Feel how do you want to stop do not reject anything.  Allow your self to feel this experience with the whole body. Repeat mentally the code word “stop”. Do this until you reach a peak moment.

5. Deep breathe. As you are reliving intensively your experience, as you come to the peak point inhale deeply and amplify this peak moment even further until the end of inhalation. After that exhale and while exhaling release all the tension in your body and quiet your mind.

6. Stay quiet for a few seconds and then start all over again. (Experience who you are here and now. Define the experience amplify it and discharge it. Do this over and over again until you discharge every experience that separates you from your true self.)

The purpose of this meditation is to experience your true nature. The only thing preventing you from experiencing your true self are the precepts, concepts and emotional charges. By reliving all these in our mind (with cloning and amplifying) we discharge them and we are getting closer to our true nature.  This experience is enlightenment and it is life changing. Have patience determination and faith and the precious jewel of the Gnosis will be yours.

This is the quickest way to experience enlightenment. A lot of eremites were meditating for years in order to experience this. But times are different now circumstances are different cosmic influences are also different.

When you feel ready start doing this meditation for at least one hour a day, and do it until you reach Gnosis or self-realization.

You will know that you have reached the goal of this meditation when the question and the answer merge and become one. When the person who meditates and the object of meditation become one.

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