What is yoga?

Yoga is the science of getting to know ourselves and our innermost being called the Atman.

lotus2body111In the west mostly the physical aspect of yoga is popular under different names.The physical aspect of yoga trains the body and it is very beneficial. But that’s is only the beginning. Yoga is a journey into oneself; it enables us to understand ourselves and to speed up our evolution to a maximum during our physical existence.

According to yoga our existence manifests itself trough 5 bodies (kosha). These are:

  • physical  annamaya kosha
  • energetic (pranic), pranamaya kosha
  • mental-emotional manomaya kosha
  • mental-karmic vigyanamaya kosha
  • divine body of the hearth anandamaya kosha

Each of these bodies represents higher level of existence. Yoga is perfect system that trains all the bodies simultaneously. It begins with the physical body.

Practicing body postures (asanas,) and breathing exercices we develop our mind and body, discovering on the way more subtle and higher forms of existence.

 “Yoga is stillness of our mind’s fluctuation”

pic of pish pose on a deck

The stillness is the true nature of our being and with the stillness of our minds we are able experience the true essence of all things and the ultimate reality underlying this physical realm. This reality is the great void known in yoga as Sunyata or Brahman.

Even though we may not be aware of it but the quest to discover our true nature and the urge to achieve union with it, is the strongest and most fundamental impulse that induces the evolution of every being in this universe. The basic instincts for survival, sex (reproduction) and the need for self-realization are just secondary manifestations that are subordinate to this fundamental instinct.

Yoga means union and its purpose is to reunite us with our true self. With every action that we make or don’t make the atman creates experiences in order to experience itself. Yoga is a perfect system of exercises in order to discover our true self called the Atman and reunite with it.

By introducing yoga into your life you begin your own personal odyssey inside yourself that brings you closer and closer to your true essence and improves the quality of your life in every aspect.

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