Yoga poses or asanas are the most popular and fundamental limb from the 8 limbs of yoga. According to the legend we owe the knowledge of asanas to the Hindu god Shiva. He revealed these secret positions of the body to his faithful wife Parawati who wanted to know the secret of eternal youth. As Shiva was revealing these secret positions it happened that fish from the near lake overheard this priceless secret. With such a high knowledge in the next life the fish was reincarnated as a human being, and delivered the secrets of the asanas to humanity.

The number of asanas is very vast. Some people believe there used to be as many asanas as there are living beings on the planet. Anyhow there number is reduced to around 30 asanas and they represent an integral part of all yoga practices today.

In yoga it is important to do the asanas in specific sequence. The sequence which is given here is with small variations the same in most yoga schools. This pattern is designed to maintain the proper curvature of the spine.